7 :: Mapbox embedded in a Box

At first, I wasn’t sure why Mapbox was providing a service to create customized maps on their site – especially as the list of features that one could add were useful.. but limited. But I thought I would try it out anyway. Here’s a map I made with some bogus markers on it:

But this is why it good to try things out – because after I hit publish, I saw that other than the standard embed via iframe, there were other options for published maps:

Bells Lake | MapBox 2013-05-27 21-03-54

And this is another border of terra incognita (which would have been perhaps an even more awesome name for this blog) for me:  how to make maps that work both on the internet and in the mobile device.

Add to the “to learn list” :

The MapBox Mobile SDK is a complete, open source toolkit for native iOS mapping applications. It’s familiar to users of Apple’s MapKit framework, but offers greater flexibility for custom maps, offline use, and general customizability.

But this is how we learn for the path is made by walking.

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