8 :: What about Bing?

It’s easy to forget about Microsoft and I have to admit, I sometimes forget that Bing Maps even exists.  In the back of mind, I keep associating it with ‘the option that companies go to when they don’t want to pay for the Google Maps API’. That’s unfair. So it’s time to investigate it for it’s own merits.

When I check out Bing Maps directly, the feature that makes ooh and ahh is their ‘Birds Eye View’ feature. Evidently it’s only available for only the major cities in the US, Canada, Europe and Japan – and it’s pretty neat.

McEwan Ave, Windsor, ON N9B 2E4, Canada - Bing Maps 2013-05-28 21-17-50

But there is a cost to looking at life from an angle: roads run through your field of vision:

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France - Bing Maps 2013-05-28 21-14-39

Since November 2010, editors of Open Street Map have had access to Bing’s aerial maps for the right to trace it’s work.

Bing Maps has also done some indoor mapping through it’s Bing Venues program, but it’s unclear to me if would actually work when you are in the venue in question…

SomersetCollection - Bing Maps 2013-05-28 21-35-13


And it is by searching the web for more information by Bing Maps that I find the topic of future investigation: a WordPress plugin called Maps Marker.



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