14 :: Map to Image

I know enough about blogging that whenever you start a new a blog there is a temptation to dedicate efforts into designing the ultimate theme and a vast amount of hours can go into tweaking css and categories taxonomies and crafting the perfect tagline.  And then suddenly the motivation to do the actual grind of writing has somehow vanished.

I think this phenomenon is related to the psychology that’s been most popularized in Derek Sivers TED Talk Keep your goals to yourself:  we often confuse the good feelings of the setting of goals with the good feelings of achieving said goals.

So, to take preventative measures against this possible future, I vowed that I would not widely publicize this blog until I had 30 posts accounted for and I would not worry about the theme until I just couldn’t stand it anymore.

This weekend, I couldn’t stand the default wood panelling graphic of the Pinboard theme and so started looking around for appropriate background images. And then I found this: Map –> Image from Stamen. And that’s where my new mappy images have com from.

I’m  still not completely happy with the header yet, and I might tweak a bit more in the future. Or maybe I won’t because I just told you so.

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