28 :: Parish Maps

Today’s post is more a reminder to myself to set aside some time to some future reading on Parish Maps, like this article which can be found in JSTOR (and this anthology)

Refiguring Geography: Parish Maps of Common Ground
The Parish Maps Project, initiated by the environment and arts group Common Ground, has raised questions around the social role of mapping and the production of local knowledge. The work and philosophy of Common Ground are introduced and the key themes of mapping, place and aesthetics informing the project are outlined. Maps produced by individual artists and community groups are discussed in detail. The paper concludes by drawing out the relationship between such ‘non-academic’ investigations of place and recent debates within academic geography.

I first learned about the environmental arts group Common Ground when I worked briefly in the Environmental Services Department of the London Bourough of Camden and found some of their pamphlets in the departmental library that I was supposed to put into some order.  I’m still very taken with their mission of celebrating local distinctiveness and would love to put some of these concepts to work where I live, but here in Generica, it’s very daunting.

Anyway, ever since I had learned about the Common Group Parish Maps project, I knew that I needed to make one myself.  And about three years ago, I made a very simple one as part of an art challenge called Map Your Life.  We’ll see if I make a more ambitious one in the future.

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