30 :: Leaflet.js

I realized that while I had mentioned Leaflet.js before, I hadn’t done a formal post around, you know, actually using this JavaScript library. Which is funny, because Leaflet is much more accessible to the non-programmer cartographer when compared to d3.js or node.js and I really should have started there first.

One of the strengths of Leaflet is that it not dependent on any particular mapping tileset. You can use the tiles from MapBox, Cloudmade, OpenStreetMap, or Stamen Maps and you can do simple things to these maps, such as add layers with pop-ups.

Here’s a simple map I’ve mad just following the example from the Leaflet quickstart page:

jsFiddle 2013-07-04 21-35-04

There is a small set of tutorials that I’m planning to go through for the more complex stuff it can do.

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