34 :: Learning to drop tracks

Today’s experiment in using my Garmin eTrex Venture HC GPS to pinpoint all the bike racks on campus was only a partial success because its battery died and I have neither its power or data cord with me.  But it was enough to get started…


I figured out how to mark way points and rather than dutifully name them, I just used my digital camera to take pictures of the waypoints and the place that they marked.  I was just about to add them to my campus map manually when I realized that the locations given are using latitudes with minutes and seconds instead of decimal degrees.

Hopefully when the batteries are charged I can change this default, but in the meantime, it’s good to know that I can resort to the GPS Visualizer calculator to get the right numbers:

2GPS Visualizer- Great Circle Distance Maps, Airport Routes, & Degrees-Minutes-Seconds Calculator 2013-07-29 14-48-46

Tomorrow after I recharge and finish marking and converting my points, I should have a simple map of bike racks on campus. And this time, I’ll remember to make note of what kind of bike racks are available so I can upload the data into OpenStreetMap (more deets about the tags here). Perhaps one day, Windsor will have a heat-map of bike parking like one for London.

The clumsiness of an GPS until is making me think that perhaps I should ditch it for a GPS Logger for my Android. This particular app can upload track files directly to OpenStreetMap (more information about which can be found here) which is an attractive feature that I’m going to try out sooner than later.

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