36 :: Trying out GeoJSON.io

I did miss the launch of GeoJSON.io when it was released late last month. I tried it out this week and it does what it says on the package:  “geojson.io is for drawing, changing, and sharing GeoJSON-formatted map data”.

I’ll still don’t understand enough about mapping to do fully understand the ramifications of GeoJSON.io … but I do know enough to try it out:

geojsonio GeoJSON

I just happened to have a .gpx file of bike racks on campus and so I tried uploading it. And for my trouble, I got this beautiful map (made from OSM and MapBox)


Deleting a couple of extra elements proved very easy to do (once I realized that you have to click on the delete icon before selecting the element that you wanted removed) and so I got rid of a couple straw waypoints.

So I’ve made a map, what do I do now?

If you just want to share your map, you can click the ‘Share’ tab and send a link to friends, or grab HTML for embedding it on your website.

For more flexibility, download the GeoJSON data and you can use it with a number of different tools:

  • TileMill is an open source, free desktop application for designing maps with awesome style flexibility.

  • QGIS is an open source, free desktop application for doing GIS analysis on data.

  • Leaflet is an open source map framework for embedding maps in webpages.


Ok then. I’ve saved my geoJSONed map for future refinement. And because it’s a ‘gist’ hosted on GitHub, you can use it too.

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