42 :: Putting Data On A Map for Open Data Day

So I’m using the Open Data Day as an excuse to start learning more about web-mapping and my goal is to know enough to share the starting basics.

And the pieces are falling into shape.  Yesterday and today I found some great work to build upon.

It all started with this MapTime presentation that I found via my twitter stream and found that it does a great job explaining the differences between digital mapping and map mapping:   

maptime.github.io anatomy of a web map  84

That presentation was based on this simpler version that acts as a lovely introduction to online mapping through Leaflet.  This presentation also uses Mozilla Thimble to show off the code for simple remixing which is just what I was looking for!

I haven’t even got through the other links MapTime recommend for web map learning: http://maptime.github.io/geolearning.html

And I shouldn’t forget that Leaflet isn’t the only JavaScript Library that I need to know. I also want to explore the MapBox javascript library of mappy good stuff.

And then there are things that are beyond the scope of the intro, but point the way where web mapping + python + git get all combined into geogit.  I really do need to understand why geoJSON exists and why it’s used instead of KML files.   There has to be another reason other than the ability to add the data to github, right? ( see Adding GeoJSON to Leaflet with Link Relations).

(More things that are too complex for the first pass but I want to remember them for future explorations: geod3 and hosting one’s own geo platform)

So you can see I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole of links upon links. I even found a blog that has managed to do what I’ve been meaning to do here: document the making of web maps! 

Next action: start learning with Map Academy

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