43 :: Trying out CartoDB

I wanted to finish today with an actual map, so I thought I’d try out CartoDB to see how easy it and holleey cats, is it ever easy to make a pretty map.

You can start by adding a data table, either from a google drive (very useful) or as a file from a variety of formats including OSM, GeoJSON and KML files.   This is interesting to me because this suggests that we can import one style and export it as another.

wards_of_windsor_ontario - CartoDB 2014-01-24 14-52-56

From there, it’s seems very simple to add additional layers for simple visualizations.

wards_of_windsor_ontario - CartoDB 2014-01-24 14-55-27

Not bad. I created a Wards of Windsor map in about 5 minutes!

Huh – but I can’t seem to use the rest of the KMZ files there.  Not sure where the problems lies.. with the file or the program.

So I tried a KML validator and it looks like its the file that might be at fault!

Huh, or maybe it’s because the data files in the catalogue are zipped (KMZ) and the program is looking for KML files.  But when I try to unzip them to kml… still doesn’t work. Huh.

But when I try to open the same KML file to Mapbox, it seems to work.

Mapbox   Design and publish beautiful maps

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