45 :: Reclining into graphs and maps

I’m continuing my adventures in recline.js.  And again, it was frustrating.

Following the example on this page, I came up with this:


And I came up with this because the text that’s in the example, is not actually in the code!

Once I figured that out, I got the chart that was intended:



Oh my goodness, how important it is to have good documentation!

Let’s see if I can get a map up quickly.. and the answer is .. nope.


So it can’t find the right tiles. *sigh*.

ADDENDUM: seeing as no one else had complained about a map viewer that did not display a map, I got to thinking that the viewer would only work on a server. So after wrangling with creating new SSH keys on my server (transferring my existing ones was too much shaving of the yak), I cloned reveal.js into this instance and tried my example again.

And this time it worked like a charm! 

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