47 :: Geofencing of Digital Objects

So I’m turning my mind to the specific questions that I need to address during my sabbatical. It’s hard to tease apart the questions from the observations.

Here’s an observation. I searched dp.la’s map to see if they had any content on my city – and they did! But two of these entries were mistakes (one was a transposed lat/long that placed a record about LA in Windsor, Ontario).


But there was two entries pointing to an 1899 business and professional directory of Detroit and surrounding towns – from the Haithi Trust.  Even though this document should probably be in the public domain, it ain’t, so if I want to see it, I would have to travel Ann Arbor to the University of Michigan to see it.

The irony of using a map to discover an digital object that requires travel to view it is not lost on me.

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