48 :: Google Fusion Tables + Wikipedia + Stats Canada!

So last week I finished up Google’s Making Sense of Data course, which like other offerings from Google are actually more about Google products than the subject at hand. So, consider it a course on Google Fusion Tables in the context of data.

And it was a good refresher on data handling and it was good to kick the tires of Google Fusion tables. But I thought I’d share with you the moment that I my jaw dropped a bit.

For the course, we were supposed to do our own project involving the combination and analysis of two data sets. One can import data into Google Fusion Tables through importing a file such as .csv or .xls file.  But one can also look for existing Google Fusion Tables made public and also to search the web for open data tables:

Google Fusion Tables


The search brings up tables found in Wikipedia…

windsor ontario   Google Search




… and some of the public data sets of Statistics Canada!

windsor ontario   Google Search (2)



… which only requires one-click import into Google Fusion Tables

Focus on Geography Series  2011 Census   Census metropolitan area of Windsor  Ontario   Google Fusion Tables    

I tried to see if I could find the data sets of the City of Windsor Data Catalogue in this Table View of Google but to no avail.

How does one get one’s tables into Google Web Tables? Through schema?  By putting the data itself into a table? (as opposed to linking to a file that contains a table). I’m looking for more information and finding little. Well, I did find this article all about Google’s Web Tables but it’s behind a paywall. 🙁

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