55 :: Mapping the World in Raster

I was going to re-watch all the SOTMUS talks in order, but I had a good reason for needing to re-watch Mapping the World in Raster by Kevin Bullock of DigitalGlobe, so I thought I would document it here.

Digital Globe can bring near realtime imagery on a daily basis to a great deal of the earth.  They use large satellites to bring a high degree of accuracy. Keven compares them to sniper rifles in that they are long.

But the analogy is also apt when you think about how dangerous a sniper can be – how psychologically unnerving it is to know that someone out of sight can put their sights on you.
Their CE90 has an accuracy of 0.0035 km.  That’s an accuracy of 3.5 m.

Satellite imagery and unmanned aircraft, I believe, are going to change the way we see the world and that will change the way we see ourselves in public space.   Mapbox is working with another company called Skybox imagery to turn the world into live video maps.

Yet, we still haven’t found Flight MH370. And I’m not convinced that seeing illegal deforestation in action is going to make us more responsive to reacting to its existence.

The next fleet of their satellites, the WorldView3 will have an accuracy range of 0.31 m. They launch in August of this year.

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