57 :: Keeping out of the way and More Open – Why It’s Time To Drop Share-Alike

I’m reviewing both of these presentations because, content wise, they are aren’t particular layered.  Keeping Out Of the Way – the OpenStreetMap Foundation by Matt Amos of  OpenStreetMap Foundation gives useful background information to how the OSM is run and that’s about it.

More Open – Why It’s Time To Drop Share-Alike by Alex Barth, Mapbox  is more interesting because it’s more contentious: should OSM drop its share-alike license?  Alex makes two cases for the changing the license: it would allow government agencies and Wikipedia an opportunity to use and give back to OSM – which presently they technically can’t.  He also believes that just being a neutral geohub of collected data should be sufficient for OSM at this point. For example, to update OSM about accessibility (such as wheelchair ramps) in the city with an open license would allow many paid services to make use of such information.

To give an example about how small changes in licensing can make Open Data sharing difficult, check out this tool: CIPPIC Licensing Information Project
for Open Licences.
[information on Windsor’s license is out of date]

It may just be coincidence, but today Steve Coast published a post reaffirming the need for OSM to retain it’s sharealike license and to furthermore, name and shame offenders who use the data and not give back.

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