60 :: Making Tracks

Some time ago I started adding points to OpenStreetMap. I thought I’d pick up the thread and add a new trail that was blazed in a nearby park.

Using Garmin’s MapSource software, I transferred the tracks from my etrex Venture HC from my device to my computer:


I then saved the file as .gpx and opened it in JOSM


Since this track was clean, I was able to upload the trace immediately to OpenStreetMap:

OpenStreetMap - Viewing trace WillistedNewPath.gpx 2014-06-03 11-49-24

And it’s there for future editing of the OSM map:

OpenStreetMap 2014-06-03 11-53-46

This was relatively painless.

I did stumble when I tried to do the same using my GPS Logger on my Android Phone. The track it produced had some stray points that needed to be cleaned up. And for the life of me, I could not figure out how to do this in JOSM.  So, I asked the Oracle and it told me that I had to download an extension to make this happen.

But that didn’t help. And then after some research, I realized that the same principle of OSM applies to JOSN. GPS tracks are used as traces and not as the source data of OSM the OSM map itself

So to add this trail into OSM, one can trace it in ID or trace it in JOSM and then upload.

Now that I’ve groked this, things make a lot more sense.



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