61 :: Some investigations don’t end up where you want

Some investigations don’t end up where you want…  but that doesn’t mean that you didn’t go anywhere.

So this afternoon I was working through some ideas related to upcoming Open Data portal for Windsor Essex.  The portal will be for data shared by non-profit organizations and I’m so excited about all the potential partners we are already talking to.  But, until those arrangements can be finalized, the portal is empty. But it’s no fun showcasing an empty portal.

I was thinking we could clean up an existing dataset already made available by the City of Windsor, but then I started thinking that maybe there was an opportunity to re-publish Government data from either the Federal or Provincial level to show how our portal could save the time of the user by bringing local data together in a common format.

In order to create a pretty graphic, I thought it might be nice to find some geospatial data to automatically turn into a map using the CKAN Recline library.  So I looked around Geogratis to find map data, but found almost all sets where in Raster GeoTIFF format. So, I then realized that I had to search for ‘data’ around Windsor .. not maps!

 I added some shp files to TileMill to preview them but didn’t find anything appropriate for portal yet. I’m going to look around and maybe settle for some tabular data instead if I can’t find something that fits.

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