62 :: Mapping cycling trails with cyclists

The same day I read in The Atlantic “The Right Way to Make Cities Smart” (Most data-driven “civic apps” report problems. What if they facilitated civic engagement instead?), I learned that the City of Toronto has a new app that will collect real cycling data from cyclists that will presumably help contribute to the future planning of cycling infrastructure.

And shortly thereafter, I learned that in Montreal, they track bicycling traffic by embedding sensors in the paths themselves. And the data is open!  I learned about this from Julia Evans’ Diving into Open Data with IPython Notebook & Pandas video (links to notebooks can be found here).

Digging deeper, it seems that Montreal makes use of the sensors of a French company called Eco-Counter which claims that their sensors show city engineers tend to under-estimate cycling by a very significant factor.

And this whole post came about because yesterday, I learned that Strava released a map of bike and running data collected from their app use. 

Strava Global Heatmap 2014-06-10 21-42-41


From paving the cow paths to widening the bike paths?

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