70 :: How to get CKAN data into a recline.js or leaftlet generated map

I have a feeling I’m either really really close or really really far to a proof of concept that we can take a data served from a CKAN API and serve it up as a recline.js generated map.

The dataset is here on odwe: (please note this a draft dataset and not official in any way)

The data jquery is for ‘bus’ and it seems to work.

The data is successful in being loaded into the map but it’s not being rendered in recline.js despite having clear longitude and latitude fields :: see code on github

I tried putting the map generating code within the “success” part of the jquery function, but that didn’t seem to help things:  see code on github

Any help would be appreciated!


Thanks to Alan P, I’ve been able to make this work!  My troubles occurred because reveal.js needed to work on : records: data.result.records  and not just records: data

I will be brushing up on my jquery so I can better handle this API.  But I am grateful for Alan’s help because it was important for me to know that to make such a map was possible. Thanks Alan!


Thanks to Art R. I now have a proof of concept that uses just the Leaflet.js and not recline.  Looking back at it all, I can see that recline.js wasn’t really necessary. Still, it was a useful exercise.


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