71 :: From Wikipedia to Google Spreadsheets to a Timemap

I’m mapping again!

At first, I thought I would map the branches of the Toronto Public Library from the Toronto Open Data Catalogue  which provides all the locations as a KML file. But the dataset was missing something I really wanted to feature:  what year each branch opened.

But the Wikipedia article on the branches of the Toronto Public Library did include such information and furthermore, puts it into a nice table. So I just needed a way to extract the table. And after a quick Google search, I found that Google Spreadsheets makes such table extraction super easy.

Import of TPL Branches from Wikipedia - Google Sheets 2015-02-20 20-56-20

Ok. So now I have two tables. How to join them together? Sure – I *could* use this as an exercise to practice mySQL. But why not use another Google product instead?  Google Fusion Tables has the ability to merge tables.

Now I have a lovely spreadsheet that I cut and paste entire columns from into this template so I can produce a TimeMap from the OKFN Timemapper.

Here’s mine:

Also: if you live in Toronto, please take a photo of the missing library branches from this list and upload them to Wikimedia.


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